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Saturn Vue Recall Information

JUNE 2009 -- GM is recalling 44,451 MY 2008 Saturn VUE vehicles with body color outside door handles. The outside door handles may stick or bind. If this were to occur, the door may not latch when closed. Driving with an unlatched door could result in an unbelted occupant falling out of the vehicle, causing increased risk of injury. Dealers will replace the outside door handles with chrome door handles free of charge. The recall is expected to begin on or before August 18, 2009.  09V-233

NOVEMBER 2008 -- GM is recalling 2,149 MY 2009 Saturn Vue vehicles. Some of these vehicles may have been built with an incorrect right and/or left front steering knuckle. As a result of the incorrect knuckle and resulting inadequate clearance, the tie rod ball stud could pull out of, or fracture, the tie rod housing. This could cause the tie rod to separate from the knuckle. Although steering control of the vehicle could be maintained after a tie rod separation by the unaffected wheel on smooth roads or during light braking, with more significant suspension or braking inputs, the affected wheel could turn out and skid. If a vehicle built with two incorrect steering knuckles had both tie rods separate at the same time, steering control of the vehicle would be lost, increasing the risk of a crash. Dealers will inspect the steering knuckles and, if necessary, replace the steering knuckle(s) and tie rod(s). The recall began on December 8, 2008.  08V616

NEWS:   GM recalls 42,408 Saturn Vues; fluid leak possible

DETROIT, Sept 19 (Reuters) - General Motors Corp (GM.N: Quote, Profile, Research, Stock Buzz) is recalling about 42,408 Saturn Vue compact SUVs built from February to July due to a potential leak of power steering fluid that could cause a fire, it said on Friday.

GM said there were four reports of minor fires in the engine compartment due to fluid coming in contact with the exhaust system, but no reports of accidents or injuries.

The report covers a tube nut that could have loosened on a group of Saturn Vues from the 2008 and 2009 model years that are equipped with six-cylinder engines.

GM said dealers would inspect and tighten the nut and check the fluid level as needed. The recall is expected to begin Sept. 26, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

SEPTEMBER 2008 -- GM is recalling 42,408 MY 2008-2009 Saturn Vue vehicles. Some of these vehicles have a condition in which the nut securing the power steering line to the power steering pump may loosen. If this were to occur, there may be a power steering fluid leak. The fluid could contact hot exhaust components resulting in a possible engine compartment fire. Dealers will inspect the nut securing the power steering line to the power steering pump. If there are no signs of a fluid leak, dealers will tighten the nut. If a fluid leak is present, dealers will tighten the nut and check the fluid level. The recall is expected to begin during October 2008. Owners may contact Saturn at 1-800-972-8876 or go to MyGMLink at http://www.GM.com/recall. 08V470

APRIL 2008 -- GM is recalling 26 MY 2008 Saturn Vue vehicles equipped with a 6T70 6-speed automatic transmission. Some of these vehicles have a condition in which the transmission case side bore that holds the park pawl pivot pin may have a casting porosity. This condition, coupled with normal operating stresses, could lead to failure, eliminating the ability to secure the transmission in 'Park' position. If this happens while the vehicle is parked on a non-level surface, the vehicle could roll without warning and cause injury to people in its path. Dealers will replace the transmission. The recall began on May 5, 2008. Owners may contact Saturn at 1-800-972-8876. 08V200

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