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Nissan Rogue Air Conditioner Problems

MAY 2023 — —  Numerous first- and second-generation Nissan Rogue owners have reported air conditioner problems at one point or another. In most cases, the air conditioner simply stops working at random moments or won’t function at all after operating for a certain period of time.

Other Nissan Rogue owners have experienced climate control settings that change on their own. Often, service advisors are unable to duplicate the air conditioner issues, which constantly proves frustrating to vehicle owners.

Are there any Nissan Rogue AC problems?

So far, no recalls were issued as of September 2020. Nevertheless, plenty of owner reviews and customer complaints have documented various issues.

Some of these Nissan Rogue AC problems include:

  • Sudden and intermittent loss of cool air
  • Climate control settings that change on their own
  • Frozen evaporator during long drives

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